Harry Kayaprager

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Hi, Im Harry, I live in East Hampton, New York. I love sailing, tech, and building things. I'm in the 8th grade at the Ross School. I was born on January 29, 2003 and two weeks later I moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where my mom and dad were living at that time. My mom, Mindy Prager, is from New Jersey, but she was living in Istanbul then with my dad. My Dad, Tekin Kaya, is from Turkey and still lives in Istanbul today.

Innovation Lab

This website is a project for the Innovation Lab Field Academy. Innovation Lab is an awesome program by Ross School that allows students to have access to new tech, like 3D printing and robotics. Currently I am not in the official program, but for field academy, which is 2 weeks of travelling, independent study, and other programs, I chose to do the Innovation Lab program.


Because of my love for sailing I would love to be a professional sailor when I'm older. One of my dreams is to sail in the Volvo Ocean Race which is an around the world sailing race, with high tech racing boats crewed by the best sailors in the world. Also I have always been interested in space and the technology needed to go there. I think working at Nasa or Space X would be an awesome job especially if I could build things. Knowing that computers and new tech interests me, building advanced tech for space travel sounds like something I would like!


I started sailing about six years ago at Breakwater Yacht Club in Sag Harbor, NY. At first I was scared to go sail and I really didn't want to do it. However, after a week, I began to love it! I spent alot of that summer sailing even more the next summer and eventually I started sailing six hours a day. Sadly I had to spend the last two years in Vermont, where I couldn't sail that much at all. During my time there I only had access to a few small lakes, so even when I could sail the wind was sparce. Once I moved back I found out about the racing program at Shelter Island Yacht Club and I joined it. It was an awesome program because I could race alot more than at Breakwater and I eventually went to Florida to go to the Orange Bowl Regatta which is the largest in the U.S.