Maya Teixeira

About Me

My name is Maya Teixeira. I was born in New York City but since both my parents are Brazilian, I consider myself more Brazilian than American. I love to travel! I go to Brazil at least once a year to visit my family. I speak Portuguese fluently, some Spanish, and obviously English. I now live in Southampton and I am 12 years old. I have a younger sister named Luma and she is 7. I like to sing, dance, play tennis, and play volleyball. I hope you enjoy looking through the rest of my site!

My Music

I love to sing. I have always loved it. Scince I could talk (and walk) I was always singing (and dancing) around the house. I started singing lessons when I was 4 1/2 years old and I am still with the same teacher. Her name is Lucy Caracappa. She is amazing. I love her! I have performed at Wolfer Estate Vinyards, Stephen Talk House, The Metropolitan Room (NYC), Guild Hall, Starbucks, and others. Last year, I placed second in Hamptons got Talent and I hope to place 1st this year. I hope you enjoy some of the videos that are avalible on this site of me singing! Here is a link where you can watch more of my videos.

School Life

I go to the Ross School in Easthampton, NY. Ross is an amazing school. They offer so many opportunities throughout your time here. I love going to school everyday! I especially like math. Currently (March 6th through March 17th) we are in field academy. I am taking the innovation lab field academy course. Read through my blog to learn more about what we are doing in innovation lab.